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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing engineering services helps in optimizing your business for maximum performance.Outsourcing also helps the company stake holders financially by making the process lean and employing highly skilled staff in core activity

which is the companies backbone. A strategic outsourcing technique will deliver the following benefits to the company's growth and stability.



Prioritize Core Activities

It is the core activity of the company which decides the companies position in todays market. A non core activity is any work which supports the core activity but does not require the same set of skills. Drafting or paper to CAD conversion can be one such activity.Outsourcing these activities will allow business to focus on other revenue generating activity, without having to invest in manpower or on office space.

Project cost  Savings

Engineering services outsourcing is one activity which can have a minimum saving of about 40%  to 60 % of the project cost. This cost not only helps you financially but this will remove the work load on the company's key personnel there by allowing you to deliver better quality and confidently take up more projects without worrying about the man power scaling.

24 hour working cycle

If the time delay between the continents can be properly utilized then the non core activities progress while your key personnel are asleep. The output of the  non core activity can be worked on by your key personnel the next day. This will not only increase your productivity but will also reduce the “Time to Market”. Your product and services will always have an upper hand in the market.

Staffing Flexibility

You pay only for the work done. You will have a pool of resources to choose from and you decide the contract period. This will help you in reducing the cost of maintaining and recruiting new staff.

Reduced Overhead

Since the work is outsourced, you will continue to save on the office space, electricity, system, system down time, and license cost. Your company will grow in the stock exchange without having to expand the floor space.

Promote Internal Staff

Outsourcing will increase the efficiency of your in-house staff which will give them more disposable time to improve their skill sets as per the market demand.

What about System Upgrade?

GlobalDoes the company have to upgrade the infrastructure?

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